Before The Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks to scientists, world leaders, politicians, religious leaders and discusses with them the state of our earth.
For I-Kiribati people, we will be particularly proud that Kiribati is highlighted and Anote Tong is featured in the film.

‘The sun is getting closer’

I believe that the world is changing in climate. Not because a politician has said it, not because it’s in the newspaper and not because someone else has told me that I should. I’m taking the word of a local I-Kiribati fisherman who is just trying to provide for his family.

Surviving at sea Kiribati-style (without giving yourself an enema)

    Once upon a time there lived two fishermen that got lost in the middle of the Pacific ocean without food or water. Five weeks later, they washed up ashore of a neighboring country 500 miles away in relatively good health. The chances of these men surviving were always going to be pretty slim…

Bored with grandma

I know I rabbited on quite a lot in the last post and got a bit serious. I’ve been keeping a diary while I’ve been here and when I was on Marakei it was a close companion of mine.  Days go by so slowly when it’s too hot to do anything and nothing to distract…