Where is Kiribati?

  • A minuscule dot in the Pacific Ocean, Kiribati is halfway between Australia and Hawaii.
  • Pronounced ‘Ki-Ri -Bas’, the country is made up of 33 islands, 32 of them being atolls (a ring shaped island formed by coral).  Spread across 3.5 million square kilometres though with only  800 square kilometres of actually habitable land, Kiribati is one of the smallest countries in the world.
  • Micronesian in ethnicity, physically the people are small (not like the huge Samoans or Maori’s) and their hair is more like the Hawaiians not the Fijians (not and afro to be found on Kiribati!). The girls having long thick black hair and the men, full black hair.
  • Their neighbours are Nauru and the Marshall Islands with Fiji being a 3 hour flight away and Brisbane in Australia an 8 hour flight.

That’s right guys, right in the middle of nowhere. 

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