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MARITA DAVIES is an Australian/I-Kiribati writer. A storyteller at heart, she explores Pacific issues including gender, health, domestic violence and climate change. For the past seven years, Marita has run – a website dedicated to sharing Kiribati topics with a wider audience. Marita’s first children’s book Teaote and the Wall told the story of a Kiribati woman living with rising sea waters, an issue that currently effects every I-Kiribati person. Marita has written for numerous publications and is a regular speaker on panels and lectures.


2018: The Baby Carrier: A Child’s First Country, Lindsay Online

2018: Kiribati Dance: The Embodiment of Culture, Lindsay Magazine, Issue No. 1

2017: A Child of Four Women, So Many Islands: Stories From The Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Commonwealth Writers, Commonwealth Foundation

2017: Te Wa: Kiribati’s Way To The Water, Lindsay Online

2016: David Suzuki and Me, Dumbo Feather Blog

2016: Building a Wall, The Big Issue, January 2016 edition

2015: The Night I Learned To Fear The Ocean, Dumbo Feather blog

2015: Teaote and the Wall, Crowd-funded children’s picture book

2015: Everybody Has A Story, Frankie Magazine, Australia


2017: Violence Against Women In The Face Of Climate Justice, International Civic Society Week, Suva, Fiji

2017: The Politics of Identity, International Civic Society Week, Suva, Fiji

2016: ‘This Changes Everything’ panel, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, Melbourne

2015:The Disaster AgenderClimate Change,  Pacific Women and the Power of Creative Mediums, The Global Women’s Project, Melbourne

2015: Climate Change: Pacific Art and Activation, Contemporary Pacific Arts Forum, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne

2015: Climate Change: Personal Stories, Global Change, Melbourne Playback Theatre Company, Melbourne University, Melbourne

2015: What now for Climate? Paris and Beyond, Environmental Film Festival Australia, Melbourne

2015: Collective Futures: How we can meet the new challenges Climate Change poses, Oaktree Foundation, Melbourne University, Melbourne

Guest Talks/Lectures/Workshops

2018: Sustainable Design, RMIT University, Melbourne

2016: Eyes on the Environment:  Art of the Pacific exhibition, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

2015: Writing the Big Story for Little People, West Writers Forum, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne

2015: Climate Change and Cultural Sustainability, RMIT University, Melbourne


2015: High Tide, Producer, directed by Joel Sharpe, filmed in Melbourne, Australia

Radio Interviews  

ABC 774 Regional Victoria

SBS Radio

ABC Gippsland

Radio International: Pacific

PBS Radio

If you need a writer or speaker that loves Kiribati, is passionate about culture and is deeply connected to the environmental impacts to the Pacific Islands, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.