Before The Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks to scientists, world leaders, politicians, religious leaders and discusses with them the state of our earth.
For I-Kiribati people, we will be particularly proud that Kiribati is highlighted and Anote Tong is featured in the film. Continue reading Before The Flood

Women of the Pacific

In previous posts I mentioned how wonderful the women in my family are.  I have also previously mentioned that there are huge domestic abuse issues on Kiribati. Yeah, this isn’t such a happy topic is it?  But nevertheless, a topic that must, must, must be out in the open. Unfortunately almost every I-Kiribati woman I know has been a victim of domestic violence in some … Continue reading Women of the Pacific

Asking Professor Google…

Some of you may know that I have recently joined twitter.  For all those technological whizz-kids out there, I actually find it quite laughable that I am on this.  I was thinking about it this morning that for someone that says they have no idea about technology I have a blog, a twitter account, facebook, 1 work email address, 1 normal email address, a google … Continue reading Asking Professor Google…