David Katoatau and why you should never underestimate the Kiribati people

Kiribati is such a tiny country and if you don’t know about the country, then why would you care if it sinks or not? THIS is why people like David Katoatau are so important to Kiribati.


A very Islander week.

  I’ve had a very islander week this week.  Well as much as one can while living and working in a city.  Before I tell you about the two wonderful events I went to this week, I’d like to mention one thing.  Obviously, we all have our own personality traits which make up our own…

Harmonising and shaking my hips

Most people would know that when you return from a holiday or time spent away it’s usually life changing, inspiring, shocking, tough, challenging or heart-warming.  If you strike it lucky, it’s all of these. Before I left to Kiribati, I wrote on this blog that I was going so I could ‘feel’ I-Kiribati.  I wanted…