Say NO to the death penalty in Kiribati.

For thousands of years Pacific culture has lead to men believing that domestic violence is right and a man’s prerogative. This is absolutely wrong, but it doesn’t take a bill in parliament to change a society’s ways that they have held for thousands of years.

How climate effects our health (and why Kiribati needs to act fast)

Malaria and dengue fever are also predicted to rise due to the temperature to increase the reproductive and biting rates of mosquitos. And while it’s not a communicable disease, malnutrition will also increase due to lack of agricultural farming options in the searing heat. See how this all is a giant snowball already?

Kiribati bans fishing in Pheonix Islands Protected Area

As of last week, Kiribati President Anote Tong, announced that PIPA will be officially banned for all commercial fishing by the end of the year. In response to this, we can expect the numbers of tuna, billfish and sharks to double within a couple of decades, hopefully with a steady rise to their original numbers.

Tong must work harder for Kiribati women

I walked back to the house with two cousins running ahead and a baby cousin on my hip. I was wearing a traditional Kiribati top (tiibuta) and a sarong. I was barefoot and despite my lighter skin, I could have been any other I-Kiribati woman. A baby on my hip, yelling at my younger cousins to stop fighting and going back to my house where my family waited.


Literally.  Everywhere. Most of Kiribati looks like paradise on earth with its aqua lagoons and coconut trees, unfortunately on Tarawa there is rubbish on so many of the beaches.  I’ve spoken about it in a previous post but the pollution on Tarawa is so in your face that I feel the need to yap on…

From little things…

For those who have read previous posts of mine, you would have some inkling that the UN Secretary General was going to visit Kiribati for a 2 day visit.  Mr Ban Ki-moon is the first UN Secretary General to visit not only Kiribati but also the Pacific Island area in 65 years so this is…

Come on Mum!

Kiribati Speaker strong advocate for more women in Parliament. So as I said previously, my mum is running for parliament.  Obviously I’m proud but the fact that more women are being encouraged to run for parliament is a wonderful thing.  Mum is running as a candidate for the island of Marekai. Elections are in November….

Is climate change slipping out of the frame? | Climate Spectator

Is climate change slipping out of the frame? | Climate Spectator. A review on the new film ‘The Hungry Tide’ about climate change and the effects in Kiribati.  More news on this to come and admittedly I haven’t it yet but I am very excited about it!  I’ll try and find a clip of the…