Before The Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks to scientists, world leaders, politicians, religious leaders and discusses with them the state of our earth.
For I-Kiribati people, we will be particularly proud that Kiribati is highlighted and Anote Tong is featured in the film.

High Tide – life in Kiribati

Tomorrow, High Tide will be showing as part of the festival right in the middle of Melbourne CBD. If you’re around Melbourne, go to the big inflatable island sitting in Federation Square.

Go on, get dumped!

UN top man to get firsthand experience of climate change impact in Kiribati | The Kiribati Independent. Woo woo!  Well dear friends I’m thinking positively here.  I believe that word is slowly getting out.  Jumping the gun? Maybe. Anyway, from my perspective at least, in the past month I’ve seen more articles, short films, news…

Is climate change slipping out of the frame? | Climate Spectator

Is climate change slipping out of the frame? | Climate Spectator. A review on the new film ‘The Hungry Tide’ about climate change and the effects in Kiribati.  More news on this to come and admittedly I haven’t it yet but I am very excited about it!  I’ll try and find a clip of the…