Before The Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks to scientists, world leaders, politicians, religious leaders and discusses with them the state of our earth.
For I-Kiribati people, we will be particularly proud that Kiribati is highlighted and Anote Tong is featured in the film. Continue reading Before The Flood

Team Little Island – why and how you should change the world

I’m not sure if he recognised me or not, but I know for sure he looked at me holding the sign, then smirked, shook his head and kept walking. I’m pretty sure the shaking of the head could be interpreted as ‘what a fucking tree-hugging loser’. Continue reading Team Little Island – why and how you should change the world

350 Pacific and the Climate Warriors

I feel more comfortable using the written word to express my thoughts than to stand in front of people that are going about their business with a sign accusing their corporation for ruining the world. But that all changed this week. Continue reading 350 Pacific and the Climate Warriors


Literally.  Everywhere. Most of Kiribati looks like paradise on earth with its aqua lagoons and coconut trees, unfortunately on Tarawa there is rubbish on so many of the beaches.  I’ve spoken about it in a previous post but the pollution on Tarawa is so in your face that I feel the need to yap on about it again. An old family friend recently made the … Continue reading Rubbish!!

Marakei living and the simplest table of a political voting system ever

When I last posted, I was in Fiji waiting for my flight to get to Kiribati in time for the elections.  Since arriving on Tarawa on the 11th October, I then made my way to the outer island of Marakei to join my Mum’s campaign as a candidate to be the local member of Kiribati parliament. Before I go into the ins and outs of … Continue reading Marakei living and the simplest table of a political voting system ever

Asking Professor Google…

Some of you may know that I have recently joined twitter.  For all those technological whizz-kids out there, I actually find it quite laughable that I am on this.  I was thinking about it this morning that for someone that says they have no idea about technology I have a blog, a twitter account, facebook, 1 work email address, 1 normal email address, a google … Continue reading Asking Professor Google…

From little things…

For those who have read previous posts of mine, you would have some inkling that the UN Secretary General was going to visit Kiribati for a 2 day visit.  Mr Ban Ki-moon is the first UN Secretary General to visit not only Kiribati but also the Pacific Island area in 65 years so this is a big deal!  Again, as I have said in previous … Continue reading From little things…