2017: Te Wa: Kiribati’s Way To The Water, Lindsay Online,

2016: David Suzuki and Me, Dumbo Feather Blog

2016: Building a Wall, The Big Issue, January 2016 edition

2015: The Night I Learned To Fear The Ocean, Dumbo Feather blog

2015: Teaote and the Wall, Crowd-funded children’s picture book

2015: Everybody Has A Story, Frankie Magazine, Australia


2016: ‘This Changes Everything’ panel, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, Melbourne

2015:The Disaster AgenderClimate Change,  Pacific Women and the Power of Creative Mediums, The Global Women’s Project, Melbourne

2015: Climate Change: Pacific Art and Activation, Contemporary Pacific Arts Forum, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne

2015: Climate Change: Personal Stories, Global Change, Melbourne Playback Theatre Company, Melbourne University, Melbourne

2015: What now for Climate? Paris and Beyond, Environmental Film Festival Australia, Melbourne

2015: Collective Futures: How we can meet the new challenges Climate Change poses, Oaktree Foundation, Melbourne University, Melbourne

Guest Talks/Lectures/Workshops

2016: Eyes on the Environment:  Art of the Pacific exhibition, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

2015: Writing the Big Story for Little People, West Writers Forum, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne

2015: Climate Change and Cultural Sustainability, RMIT University, Melbourne



2015: High Tide, Producer, directed by Joel Sharpe, filmed in Melbourne, Australia

Radio Interviews  

ABC 774 Regional Victoria

SBS Radio

ABC Gippsland

Radio International: Pacific

PBS Radio