Teaote & The Wall

Illustration by Stacey Bennett
Illustration by Stacey Bennett

I must apologise to all my wonderfully loyal readers.  You guys know that whenever I do something that relates even remotely about Kiribati, you guys are the first to know about it, but on this occasion, I’ve dropped the ball!

The past month has moved at such a pace that each time I go to write for you guys, I get distracted and run off hurriedly whilst quickly saving the draft.  I just counted that I have 5 drafts written in the past month!

So I could do the long winded version but the crux of it is this.

I have written a children’s book. It is a Kiribati story, with Kiribati characters and told with a Kiribati heart.  It is called Teaote & The Wall.

The illustrations are done by the wonderful and crazy talented Stacey Bennett. If you want to check out her previous work, by all means, click here.

I am publishing it myself and have crowd-funded to raise the $4000 needed. I had the best intentions to tell you all about it but the campaign worked so well that I raised the whole lot before I even had a chance to tell you about it! How crazy is that?

But of course, the more money I raise, the more books I will print. So what was originally going to be a print run of 500 books is now looking towards a print run of 1000 books!

Let’s call it a call to arms! Let’s get everyone in the world hearing about Kiribati. So share the pozible link (below), discuss and by all means if you have some spare $$ please consider pledging.  With each pledge $20 and over, you get a copy of the book plus other really fun things!

Here’s the link: Teaote & The Wall

And just to spark your interest here is me chatting about the campaign.


Thanks for reading and letting me yak on about Kiribati.  I love it and truly cherish your support.

Nei Marita xx

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  1. Marianne Wheelaghan says:

    Such a great idea, Marita! And a great trailer – so positive. Good luck with it and keep us posted. Have donated and look forward to reading the book – the first of many, I hope 🙂 🙂

    1. Marianne, thank you so much for your pledge and support. It’s been a lot of hard work but I have really enjoyed the process. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book 🙂

  2. Marianne Wheelaghan says:

    ps – you probably have all this in place, but if you are looking for an editor i know a great Aussie editor called Belinda Pollard who is really reasonable: http://www.smallbluedog.com/

    1. Good to know! It’s always good to get a reference and more contacts.

  3. Marie Lenoir says:

    Hello Marita, waiting for the final product. I’m very glad that i’ll read it to my pupils.
    Sorry for my english (is horrible), i’m french. So like i said you on twitter, hope i could send you the reactions and questions of french schoolchild. This year, i discover the world with them, reading books, listening music, seeing photos and making some art product. It would be great to speak to them about the kiribati culture and also make sensitive them to the environment problem. It is possible for you? Having a little moment for share with us … i think of making it during april may june.

  4. Stewart says:

    It would have been nice that some actual truth was also put into the book about the outer islander people settling on the coast, where no-one in reality would on even do on their home atoll. They would not. It is a situation of outer islanders squatting where they can, hoping to get a private or Government job with little probability. The only time a king tide is an issue is in the wet season with the winds. I will not go on. But for your reading of actual facts:

    Sustainability Science, July 2013, Volume 8, Issue 3
    rock.geosociety.org/gsatoday/archive/19/3/pdf/i1052-5173-19-3-4.pdf. From that article, Table 1

    I have been there. Talk to traditional owners and outer islanders. Not second hand information!

    1. Hi Stewart, thanks for reading and commenting. I started to read your comment with interest until you started disregarding my knowledge and insight as a 16th generation I-Kiribati woman. Take your mansplaining somewhere else and accept that as an I-Kiribati daughter, I have more experience, insight and weight in opinion than you ever could. Thanks for reading though.

      1. Stewart says:

        I have been there a couple of times. I spoke to people in the situations on foreshores. I spoke to Government officials. I have read as much information around about Kiribati, Marshall Islands, atomic test, research from independent sources, not provoked by a required outcome that fits the UN agenda, and that of former President Anote Tong for a high paid soft seat in the UN.

        Because of the congestion in South Tarawa, there is a move afoot to send people to their home islands. There is not, and will never be enough paid jobs there in South Tarawa.

        As a side note, I have all intentions of moving to Kiribati to live there, to help friends and others. Who need help. Not like fly in, fly out NGO’s and others who do not stay to fix problems. Just skim over the surface and gone with their boomerang funding. Not train locals thoroughly, because they have other interests elsewhere back home.

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