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Marita and Maria

When I attended my first protest a couple of months ago (I wrote about it here), there was one tiny moment that stuck in my mind.

As I was holding up a sign saying ‘Don’t Drown The Pacific’ in the foyer of ANZ’s headquarters, I saw a guy I went to school with.  I hadn’t seen him since the last of our school days and it took a moment or so for me to recognise him. Being the social person I am, I looked at him and opened my mouth to say ‘Hey! Steve!’.  But I stopped.

I’m not sure if he recognised me or not, but I know for sure he looked at me holding the sign, then smirked, shook his head and kept walking.  I’m pretty sure the shaking of the head could be interpreted as ‘what a fucking tree-hugging loser’.  Of course, I can’t be entirely sure of this but I’m fairly certain.

Not one to get offended easily, I laughed it off and just let him go.  I honestly would have put the sign down and just said hi to catch up but I’m sure he works at ANZ and probably didn’t want to associate with any of the protesters – and that’s totally fine.  And in his own way, I’m sure he cares about the environment (I assume everyone does – eternally optimistic right here!) but in that tiny moment, that small shaking of the head made me realise that maybe some people out there think I’m an idiot. That I can’t change the world and no matter how many times I say that a whole country is sinking to rising seas caused by climate change – people just simply want to shake their heads and walk away.

But fuck it, I’m going to try anyway.

ANZ Protest

Our environment is YOUR problem.  Climate change is YOUR problem.

So in hopes to reach out to a few more people to compensate on Steve’s shaking head, here are a couple of links and articles that are just interesting.  If you feel so inclined, have a read and have a think about what you can do to change our world for the better.  I’m not asking you to protest, to chain yourself to a tree or to even strap yourself to a boat saying ‘Greenpeace’.  Just read. Education is the most powerful tool.

1MillionWomen – a fantastic source of information and a great online community to make this world a better place.  Have a read!

So How Fucked Are We? – using the naughty word to grab an audience and by god it’s working.  The team behind this information resource are giving every other environment website a run for their design money.  I’m totally jealous.  Read it and weep peeps.

Climate 350 – an organisation that is doing amazing things all around the world to stop our impact on the world from worsening. Click here

Also, I have another page with more information and great organisations on there.  Check it out.

Kiribati fisherman

And that friends, is how to turn negativity into a positive.  Go Team Little Island (wanna join? It’s just me at the moment – and probably my Mum)

Ko raba

Nei Marita

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  1. Shared Marita, we need more awareness for what the atolls are experiencing. Tikaroi I-Kiribati

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