Bored with grandma

I know I rabbited on quite a lot in the last post and got a bit serious.

I’ve been keeping a diary while I’ve been here and when I was on Marakei it was a close companion of mine.  Days go by so slowly when it’s too hot to do anything and nothing to distract you except for watching kids run past pushing abandoned tyres along the road.  It’s hard to describe the life on the outer islands but here is a diary entry from 26th October.  Here’s hoping it gives you an idea:

‘The day is dragging! Woke up.  Grated coconut. Played Canesta for what seemed like hours. Had a nap.  Ate some biscuits. Put my contact lenses in.  Told Kiaro not to put my contacts in his eyes.  Went for a walk. Got rainwater. Came back.  Ate some Bobai with Kiaro. Spoke to Tiareni.  Did the dishes. Played Solitaire. Played more Canesta with Tiareni and Erim.  Had a shower. Now sitting in the hut with Grandma listening to the radio.  Celine Dion’

Island life.

Playing Canesta. Erim, Taree, Grandma and Mum
Erim prepares the dinner my uncle caught
Collecting rainwater from local council

I’ll be updating more on the elections as well as updating as many photo’s and articles on the rising waters here.  Life here goes slow and I’ve become accustomed to it but I promise, more is on the way.

Again, any questions, shoot them my way.

Remember: twitter is @thelittleisland

Ta for reading!

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