Go on, get dumped!

UN top man to get firsthand experience of climate change impact in Kiribati | The Kiribati Independent.

Woo woo!  Well dear friends I’m thinking positively here.  I believe that word is slowly getting out.  Jumping the gun? Maybe.

Anyway, from my perspective at least, in the past month I’ve seen more articles, short films, news reports, photography and people having a nice old chat about how a little group of islands are whittling away.

The latest news announced has been that the Secretary – General of the United Nations is going to Kiribati next month.  I hope he gets dumped by a huge wave.  Obviously I mean that in the nicest possible way – I hope he gets there and sees how high the waves are and how urgent Kiribati needs help.  In the Climate Change summit last year, Kiribati were promised millions of dollars to aid saving of the islands and only now has it come out that they can’t access it. I hope the UN Sec-Gen can see that this isn’t a problem to shift weight around. So, again, in the nicest possible way, I hope he literally is knee deep in sea water just so he can see what all the I-Kiribati people are dealing with.  All in all though, it’s really exciting that he’s going.  As I said – word is getting out!  Check out the attached article for more.

This isn't the Secretary General by the way. It's just a fat man creating big waves. Possibly god, who knows?


Oh and on an entirely different issue, you open coconuts by hitting the centre of with the back of a big knife.  Had a nice old ponder about this with a friend the other day so thought I’d put some islander knowledge out there.  Don’t try and cut it open, it will blunt the knife and the whole islander community will think you’re an idiot.

Ta for reading!

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  1. Chris says:

    Like, by hitting it with the handle-butt? That’s good to know. I usually struggle with coconuts, and it makes me feel silly.

  2. The back of the blade, not the handle. Hold the coconut on it’s side and hit it on it’s widest part while rotating the coconut. Silly feelings banished.

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