A word from the EU…

So after living in the UK for almost 2 and a half years, am now on my way home to Aus.  Forgive me for I really do not wish to whinge but at the moment I’m not happy about it. Fair enough visa’s are visa’s but the UK welcomed me with open arms, dug its nails in and made it very hard to leave.  So in celebration of my love for Europe here is some good news on what the EU is doing to help the climate change struggles in the Pacific.  All the way across the globe they will send €11.4m to aid 9 Pacific states – Kiribati being one of them.  So Europe, thanks for being my home for the past couple of years and thanks for doing your bit to help my family’s home.  Right now, I couldn’t love you more.

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  1. Julia says:

    I lurve this blog, cant believe it took me untill the day you left to have a proper read!
    more posts plaseeee

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