Greg Stone and the Pheonix Islands

Greg Stone:  Saving the ocean one island at a time.

A while ago a friend sent this video to me.  Greg Stone is an American ocean scientist who played a major role in getting the Pheonix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) as an officially recognised protected conservation area.  Now to try an clarify things (not just for you lovely readers but for myself as well) the Pheonix Islands are an area of Kiribati.  As their are so many islands that make up Kiribati – the Pheonix Islands are a division of these islands – like a state I suppose.  This is really embarrassing because I really should know this and I know I would have been before and would have not been listening due to not wanting to be interrupted watching Heartbreak High or some other great show that took up my adolescence.  So, if I have the definition of the Pheonix Islands wrong, I beg you to correct me!

Anyway the Pheonix Islands come under Kiribati jurisdiction and for people/companies that want fish in the area must apply to the Kiribati Government to ‘rent’ the water area and also report how much they were actually fishing.  Now as you can probably guess, it’s pretty easy to steal fish out there and use more water space than what you’ve actually applied for. So now the Pheonix Islands have been declared the largest world heritage site and is now a protected area – a lot of this is thanks to Greg Stone.

Check them out on the old Facebook page or get more info at

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