Anote Tong

 I think the locals tend to find the President a bit of a ning-bat,  but I think Anote Tong does a great job trying to get the word out about Kiribati and their problems.  

This is a great little informative interview he did before addressing the Climate change summit in Copenhagen last year.

‘We are asking the people of the world to make a sacrifice. The fate of our people, our culture, our memories is at stake. I don’t think anyone wants to drown a people, yet that is what will happen.

Climate change is a moral challenge, perhaps the greatest since slavery. The international community readily condemns terrorism, genocide and nuclear proliferation, but why can’t we see the injustice of our inaction on climate change?’

Great interview and he articulates himself really well.  Having said that, he lives next door to us in Kiribati and I know that he took a shining to my Mum’s raft that she made.  So much so that a copy of her homemade design was built and then moored on his side of the ocean not long after.  He sure is a great advocate for climate change but my Mum still leads the pack when building a raft…

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